Get Started

Use NuGet Package Manager to install Nemiro.Convertion.

To open the Package Manager Console, select menu: Tools => Library Package Manager => Package Manager Console.

Enter the command into the console:

Install-Package Nemiro.Convertion

NOTE: If you need examples of using the library, download Nemiro.Convertion.


If you do not have Package Manager or it's not work, you can download Nemiro.Convertion and add a reference to the assembly into your project.

Selecet menu: Project => Add Reference....

Select Browse tab, locate and select the Nemiro.Convertion.dll and click Ok.



How to use the library in your projects?

Add to your project a reference to the Nemiro assembly and import namespace Nemiro:

using Nemiro;
Imports Nemiro

And you can use the Convertion class. For example:

double d = Convertion.ToDouble("123,456");
double d2 = Convertion.ToDouble("123.456");
DateTime date = Convertion.ToDateTime("31.12.1980", "dd.MM.yyyy"));
string n = Convertion.ToBase62(45102691578);
object value = 1;
bool b = Convertion.ToBoolean(value);
value = null;
bool b2 = Convertion.ToBoolean(value);
bool b3 = Convertion.ToBoolean(value, true);
// etc.
Dim d As Double = Convertion.ToDouble("123,456")
Dim d2  As Double = Convertion.ToDouble("123.456")
Sim date As Date = Convertion.ToDateTime("31.12.1980", "dd.MM.yyyy"))
Dim n As String = Convertion.ToBase62(45102691578)
Dim value As Object = 1
Dim b As Boolean = Convertion.ToBoolean(value)
value = Nothing
Dim b2 As Boolean = Convertion.ToBoolean(value)
Dim b3 As Boolean = Convertion.ToBoolean(value, True)
' etc.